May 2021

Markus Sabadello and Oskar van Deventer presented our vision of a “network-of networks” on the NGI Forum 2021, the flagship event of the Next Generation Internet initiative. It brings together some of Europe’s top internet innovators.

March 2021

Our position statement about the need of a network-of-networks was first presented during the European SSI Ecosystems meeting organized by Main Incubator. We have called on all participants to support our vision. If you would like to support our vision, please send us your letter of endorsement via e-mail to!

February 2021

We prepared a position statement to point out the need for a “network-of-networks”.

Why? A network-of-networks will

… increase the interoperability between identity networks on a technical and governance level.

… simplify the exchange of identity data.

… enable cross-border use cases.

Take a look at our position statement.

February 2020

The Open Market Consultation provided the opportunity to give feedback on the upcoming European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement.

The goal was to solve existing challenges current ledger solutions face, such as interoperability, compliance risks, and enabling digital identities and to give a general overview of the current market situation.

ESSIC contributed to the Open Market Consultation. We have pointed out what is needed to solve the challenges, which standards will be used and what kind of solutions have already been provided by other groups.