About us

The European Self-Sovereign Identity Consortium (ESSIC) consists of known members in the industry of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Together we bring years of experience and actively shape the SSI ecosystem.

esatus is a company based in Langen, Germany, that specialises in SSI solutions and Identity and Access Management. esatus is co-founder of the German IDunion blockchain for self-sovereign identity. esatus is active in enterprise identity and access (I&A) and highly involved in SSI since 2016, incl. ISO standardization. Their I&A integration solution SeLF enables companies to integrate SSI technology into their IT infrastructure without having to adapt existing IT applications, directory services or management systems. esatus will initiate collaboration between the German IDunion blockchain and the „network-of-networks“ and invite solution providers to pilot use cases on this blockchain. esatus will also provide their wallet solution, as well as complementary SSI functionalities, and work with Danube Tech and TNO to connect their wallet solution to both the IDunion and DTN blockchains.

Danube Tech is a start-up from Vienna, Austria, that specializes in SSI solution for decentralized identifiers (DID). Danube Tech has been active contributor to standards for Decentralized Identifiers (DID) in W3C and the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). Danube Tech has been a contractor and subgrantee to the EBSI ESSIF program, to the American DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP), and NGI eSSIF-Lab. Danube Tech is also a member of the EBSI4Austria consortium, which will implement a digital diploma use case based on EBSI, together with two Austrian universities. Furthermore, Danube Tech will contribute its Universal DID Resolver, extend it for DIDs from ID Union and DTN, and integrate it into the esatus SSI wallet, and other wallet and SSI solutions in later phases.

TNO is a national research institute based in The Hague, Netherlands, with a decade-long past performance in identity technology, including more than five years of blockchain and self-sovereign identity. TNO has actively contributed to SSI standards and initiatives, including W3C-CCG, W3C-DID, Hyperledger Aries and Trust-over-IP. TNO is founding Steward of the Sovrin SSI blockchain, and active contributor to its governance, its economic model and its guardianship vision. TNO is partner of the Dutch Trust Network (DTN) blockchain and TNO is involved in solution provider projects that are piloting use cases on this blockchain. TNO has also developed an open-source prototype SSI Service, that enables connecting to multiple SSI blockchain in a “network-of-networks” way. Finally, TNO has the expertise to contribute to the development of the commercial offer and the legal/governance aspects.