Our “network-of-networks” approach connects identity networks all over the world.

The European Self-Sovereign Identity Consortium (ESSIC) - esatus, Danube Tech, TNO.

Our approach connects various identity networks. The interoperability between those identity networks on a technical and governance level will thrive, the exchange of identity data between the networks will be simplified and cross-border use cases will be enabled. Our focus is to provide a solution to these current challenges.

Our motivation

SSI is a global topic that has recently gained enormous momentum, with productive use cases increasing significantly worldwide.  We even observe that there are use cases to fight the current world pandemic, which means that these innovations are needed today and already work in order to help the society. Currently, several identity networks, use cases, products and ecosystems are being developed with a strong focus on a regional or national level. They need support to communicate with each other and to exchange identity information, including Verifiable Credentials and Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs).
Let’s connect these SSI initiatives on the international level!

Our vision

We are anxious to provide a link between the networks to establish a trustworthy digital identity infrastructure via a “network-of-networks” approach. Our focus will be on the achievement of interoperability between the SSI initiatives and an overarching solution for a European Governance structure. ESSIC’s spotlight will be on blockchains for SSI, which provide trust anchors for Verifiable Credentials. Let’s take a look at the German IDunion blockchain, and the Dutch Trust Network (DTN) blockchain for example. Both are permissioned blockchains, and both are based on Hyperledger Indy technology. However, their jurisdiction, governance, business models and applications are different. Only in a joint effort will it be possible to improve the digital life for every citizen on a global level. If you would like to support our vision, please send us your letter of endorsement via e-mail to networkofnetworks@esatus.com! We look forward to your support! Thank you very much!

The “network-of-networks” approach enables cross-border use cases:

We would like to explain the potential of the “network-of-networks” based on an everyday example: A French student receives a diploma as a Verifiable Credential from a Dutch university (via Dutch Trust Network blockchain). With this diploma, the student applies to a German employer (IDunion user), who can verify the authenticity and validity of the diploma based on the “network-of-networks”. Two users, each using different identity networks, but communicating easily using the “network-of-networks”.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is the concept of giving back the power to the identity owner, who has full control of his own data. He decides who can view his personal data, how it will be used and with whom it will be shared. This data is stored in the shape of Verifiable Credentials in a digital wallet on his mobile device. Issuers of credentials can write their public identifier and all needed data to verify the authenticity and validity of the issued credentials on a publicly readable identity network. While the identity owner presents the credential information to a Verifier, the Verifier can use the identity network to check whether the information received comes from the respective sender, is valid and has not been revoked.

Who are the ESSIC members

Our supporters

Please find below an overview of companies who are supporters of the ESSIC network. Hover over the logo to read their full letter of endorsement.

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neosfer GmbH

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Findy Cooperative

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Sovrin Foundation

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Archipel SAS

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DizmeID Foundation

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Dutch Trust Network (DTN)

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